Devine Intervention | Wilton Speight is on the rise

November 9, 2016

As the season rolls on, Wilton Speight keeps firing on all cylinders. The quarterback position was the biggest question mark for the Michigan Wolverines entering the season, but his performance thus far had been phenomenal—even better than many expected, and the nation is taking note.

Devine Intervention | Michigan is a Title Contender

November 2, 2016

Join the Devine Intervention as Derek Devine and Craig Compton talk about Michigan coming in at No. 3 in the first College Football Playoffs rankings. They also touch on the Michigan State game, and how Michigan can continue to solidify itself as a National Championship caliber team as the season rolls on. 

Go Blue Crew | A Potentially Underwhelming Win at Michigan State

October 28, 2016

Michigan is expected to beat the Michigan State Spartans by a comfortable margin this weekend, but does that have the potential to be an underwhelming rivalry win? As Jim Harbaugh looks to top his first rival, the Go Blue Crew looks at whether or not this takes the monkey off his back. Tune in!

Devine Intervention | Should Michigan be worried about Michigan State?

October 27, 2016

Join Devine Intervention as host Derek Devine brings Craig Compton and Von Lozon on the show to talk about Michigan's upcoming battle against bitter in-state rival Michigan State in East Lansing. Could the Wolverines blow out the Spartans this weekend? 

Go Blue Crew | Looking back at the first half of the season

October 13, 2016

Hosts Tyler Fenwick and Derek Devine take a look back at Michigan's 6-0 start and evaluate where the Wolverines stand halfway through the season.

Devine Intervention | Takeaways From a 78 Point Victory

October 12, 2016

Was Saturday night real life? Somehow, we just witnessed Michigan blowout a Big Ten Conference program, 78-0. After what may very well have been a once-in-a-lifetime moment, Derek Devine and Craig Compton discuss takeaways from the Wolverines latest victory on Devine Intervention. 

Go Blue Crew | Will a Top Ten Victory Legitimize Michigan’s Campaign?

September 29, 2016

There's plenty of talk about the Michigan Wolverines, but it always seems to be focused on the life of Jim Harbaugh and his stars. Tyler Fenwick and Derek Devine take to the Go Blue Crew to talk about Michigan compared to the the other AP Top Four teams. Will a Top Ten victory against Wisconsin legitimize Michigan's College Football Playoff campaign?

Devine Intervention | Penn State Takeaways, Looking Ahead to Wisconsin

September 28, 2016

Derek Devine brings Von Lozon back on Devine Intervention to look back at Michigan's win over Penn State. The two also discuss what they're expecting to see this Saturday against Wisconsin.

Devine Intervention | Jabrill Peppers is NOT Overrated

September 22, 2016

Jabrill Peppers is overrated? Please, tell us more. Devine Intervention weighs in on Peppers' contribution thus far for the Wolverines. Both Derek Devine and Craig Compton believe he is proving to be worthy of all the hype. Take a listen!

Positive Takeaways from UCF & Looking Forward to the Buffs

September 15, 2016

Tune in to the Devine Intervention as host Derek Devine adds Craig Compton to the lineup. The two talk about Harbaugh’s Heroes, what to look for against Colorado and whether or not Michigan will move up in the rankings after the weekend.